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Intuition - the link between mystery and reality

15 минути за четене

15 минути за четене

Intuition - the link between mystery and reality

At first sight, mystery and reality are two impossible concepts to combine. We know from old times that there were initiates who "happened" to them simultaneously. Today, knowledge is no longer just a privilege of the elect, it is accessible to anyone who looks at it.

There are numerous ways to realize the mysteries of reality, but the most direct and easy way is through developing intuition. Everyone has an innate intuition and everyone, with little guidance, trust, and confidence in the universe and nature, is able to develop and integrate it. Whenever this happens, it in itself leads to more joy and inspiration and lessens the pain of life. The developed intuition brightens the picture of our life and being with colors and extravaganzas, enriches our abilities and allows us to be ourselves.

From my own experience I will share that the feeling is incredibly charging! Makes me feel inspired, joyful, filled with power and energy! My life is filled with miracles, I meet magical fairy-tale creatures, alien beings, I travel in time and this is only a small part of my experiences. For me, this life is a reality, I live it and I have memories of it. This joy, inspiration and hope are my everyday life. But that's not all - looking back, I can see the states described above unfold, become stronger, more majestic, more joyous and more wonderful. Levels rise as a game, life becomes more interesting and more fun.

To learn to pay attention to intuitive sensations, signs, omens, instructions, warnings, praise and foreboding and to hear the whispers of intuition, practice is needed. Do not lose hope if you do not first distinguish between your inner "voice". Most people are not taught how to recognize and use their intuition. Or worse, she is denied, ridiculed, and even insulted.

How to distinguish the whispers of intuition from the voice of the mind, the ego's desires and the needs of the body?

There are three ways to enhance your intuition that are good to combine in our daily lives:

First: As the mind, ego, and body are born and die together and are from this world, it will take them a while to engage in your consciousness. Usually, the time it takes for them to reach you is in the order of 10-15 seconds. Intuition, on the other hand, is not of this world. She is beyond Creation and she does not need time to unlock - she reacts to the moment because time and space do not exist for her. What came to you in the first 10-15 seconds is a gift from intuition.

Second: When guidance comes from intuition, they always carry a positive charge, releasing and relieving your condition. When out of mind and ego, guidance is filled with anxiety, fear, and other negative feelings.

Third: Don't be afraid to use your intuition, even though you may be wrong at first or feel confused. There is no other sure way to engage your intuition other than to listen to it, to trust it and to develop it. Gradually the mistakes will diminish, you will become more sensory and finally there will come a time when you will be able to distinguish her voice with certainty. You will become more confident, more smiling and more inspired.

It is important to remember that intuition guidance is good and useful not only for you, but for all your loved ones, acquaintances, for Bulgaria, for Europe, for Humanity, for the Galaxy and the whole Universe!

Those who consider themselves more advanced often think that their intuition works fine and may leave it to rest for a while. If you do this, if you leave it for some reason, your intuition will never remain the same. It will immediately begin to diminish, lose sensitivity and effectiveness, and sometimes this loss becomes dramatic and tangible.

Never, under any circumstances, stop paying attention to your intuition!

Three practical tips:

  • Orgasmic sex with a loved one "cleanses" the channel of intuition in an unprecedented and wonderful way.
  • Fasting is also a good method to improve your intuition. There are now many fasting practices and diets given by different gurus, teachers and different wise people. Find your method - the one that works best for you. When you have to make a big and difficult decision - get hungry.
  • Stay as long and often as possible in the wild. Its natural vibration is the vibration of the connection to the universe, the vibration of intuition. In this way nature helps you to tune in and eliminate the dissonance of modern life in the big city.

Imagine how confident, enthusiastic and confident you would feel if you had a partner capable of providing you with everything you need in life. A partner who tells you the right solutions to your problems, opens up new and exciting prospects and fills your life with wonders. Someone who is always with you with wise and appropriate advice. Well, you certainly have one at hand - it is within you - your intuition.

If prayer, meditation, and other practices are your message to God, then intuition is God's message to you!

About the author:

Kaloyan Anev has been exploring the spiritual for over 20 years, but has been conscious of the Path of about 10. A forest ranger by education and a conservationist by vocation, he is a seeker to the "brain of his bones". He is called upon to share his experience by conducting individual and group discussions and practices on the following topics:

"About Intuition with Love," "Personal Development," "Osho Zen Tarot" - Cards, "Desired and Unwanted Good," "New Divine Laws in the New Earth and New Age," "How to Live in the Fourth Dimension - Rules and Guidelines "," Awareness, Healing, and Increasing Personal Vibration Frequency, "" The Art of Small Steps, "" Relationships and Intimacy in the New Earth and the New Age, "" How to Find Your Authentic Speed to Live, " and etc.

He regularly organizes events in Bulgaria that you can follow or contact in person through the following resources:






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