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The diary of my 7 days fasting only on water

15 минути за четене

Anton Andonov 15 минути за четене

The diary of my 7 days fasting only on water

I want to start from the reason why I actually decided to starve myself. Frankly, the first time was like an experiment. I followed the starvation tips during Stephanie Bozhilova's Ekadashi and watched the result with curiosity. Then I came across the book of Gennady Malakhov: "Without purification there is no health" where there is a separate chapter on the topic.

I learned that the body uses about 50% of all its energy to process and absorb food and nutrients. That's a huge figure! This is more than half of all the energy that involves breathing, walking, talking, thinking, listening, writing, problem solving, walking, driving and everything else.

And do do you know what happens to all this energy when we stop eating? The body uses it to cleanse, regenerate and dispose of any accumulated waste in the body. Where did these junk come from? From everything around us - from the air, food, soil, water. In the article "How often and what kind of detox do we do?" we look at all these sources and how to regularly limit these accumulations.

However, standard methods do not have the strength and intensity to handle and cleanse our bodies. This is where hunger strikes. It is this most powerful natural method of purifying not only the physical body but also the spiritual in us. Starvation should not only be seen as a physical instrument, but also as a door to a more pure and spiritually elevated state. If we also make a quick comparison with nature, we will see the injured and sick animals move away from the flock, stop feeding and wait for their strength to recover.

The father of starvation and starvation is considered to be Paul Bragg, MD, founder of the Health Movement in America. His student is Lydia Kovacheva, whose follower is Dr. Emilova. Paul Bragg is known to have died healthy and straight in an accident with his surf at 96 years old. 81, and at the autopsy many organs that are "young" are found. These are the rumors that are learned from his relatives.

Look for Paul Bragg's book: Healing Hunger, where everything is well described. For the first time, I was introduced to the topic of the book by Gennady Malakhov: "Without purification there is no health" and I spent almost everything on his instructions, and I changed the power supply only because I felt a more correct method.

In this article, I want to share my experience of doing starvation in the last year and how I went from no starvation to 7 days of conscious water-only starvation.

Important clarification! Do not follow the procedure described here if you have not consulted a specialist as to whether the fasting is appropriate for you. The article does not replace the need for medical advice and is not intended to provide a medical diagnosis or prescribe treatment. Unlike the books cited, this article is not exhaustive enough. For best results, please read them.

How to get started with 1 to 3 days?

Following the Ekadashi cycle, I picked the most appropriate date to fast for 1 full day. Find an Ekadashi calendar based on the time difference that accurately calculates your Ekadashi days for fasting. Drik Panchang have one. The first day went well, though slightly worried. Then I began to regularly monitor the calendar for Ekadashi days and for 3 months I fasted on every Ekadashi day for 1 day.

After the third month, I decided to go hungry more. I spent two whole days. It wasn't as easy as just one day. I kept doing it for a different number of hours - 24, 36, 48. Then I decided it was time for three days of hunger.

The fasting of 1-2 days is so short that any special preparations for them are superfluous. With three days of starvation, it already makes sense to prepare one's body and soul for it. First, I planned a three-day fast to include two days off. The next and very important thing I did was the yogic purifying practice of shakala praksala, following these video instructions. It worked from the first time.

After the third day, I felt as if I was terribly etheric and almost did not touch the ground as I walked. The feeling was great.

As I went through the two-day and three-day fasts, I felt like I was suddenly losing strength on the second and third days. If I became abrupt, my world would turn slightly, so I did everything slowly and carefully. I attribute these dizziness to the huge amount of toxins and junk that are released during the powerful cleansing actions of the body during this period. Blood and the body are saturated with toxic material, and until it is removed from the body, one feels discomfort.

The feeding of the end of the three-day fasting was done by Malakhov's scheme. At 16:00 I drank 300 grams of fresh carrot juice and then cabbage and carrot salad. I was eating normally the next morning. For me, that means fruit at breakfast. Vegetables, seeds and nuts during the day. No animal food.

Three days of water and then only juices

After my first three days of water fasting, I did something that I thought was preparing the body for a longer fast. For three days I was only on water, then another 7 days only on fresh fruit and vegetables.

My breakfast was usually 50% carrot juice and 50% apple juice. For lunch and dinner, I came up with various sauerkraut, hot and salted fresh juices, similar to this spicy vegetable fresh. So a total of 10 days.

Then I decided to clean my kidneys (but only after clearing my liver, again following Malakhov's tips and methodology). The method is very easy - you only eat watermelon for 7 days. I decided it was a good time to make the same connection again with a three-day fast. For three days I was starving and then for 7 days I was only on watermelon.

For both above modes I have not made special power supplies. From the juices or watermelon, I started with breakfast fruits and vegetables for lunch. The food I eat is not as heavy as a whole and it does not require special feeding. The only thing I avoid right after such a regimen are fats - nuts, seeds and legumes. I've been bringing them since day two.

A few months later, I felt ready and felt the signal from my body to go through the 7-day fast.

Carrying out a 7-day food fasting

It all started with the last supper at 6:00 pm. The next day, I cleared the colon with a simple enema. Next time I plan to use shakala prakshalana again, because in my opinion the effect is better. In addition to the colon, it also cleanses the small intestine very well. So I think the replacement and repair of his epithelial tissue will start earlier and be of better quality. Interestingly, the diminution I experienced before the second and third days was absent. In my opinion, this was due to the fact that the body no longer had so many landfills with accumulated rubbish.

There are three key elements to holding longer (and why not shorter) starvations:

  1. Set starvation duration as a goal from the beginning
  2. Thankfulness for the opportunity to perform this cleansing procedure
  3. Commitment to attention

Before you begin, determine the period for which you have decided to fast. In the process of starvation, you may think of shortening or lengthening it. If you were honest and clear with yourself in the beginning, you will keep it the same.

Thank yourselves every morning, every day, every hour while you are fasting. Thank and be glad you have the opportunity to cleanse your body of the accumulated slag and contaminants. There are many who do not have this knowledge and this opportunity. You are not one of them - so be grateful. Always!

It is very important that you are involved with something all the time. Go to work normally and keep your attention busy with the tasks you have. If you are not engaged in anything, you will only think about food and hunger and it will be more difficult for you. Do not engage in physical activity during this period to conserve your strength.

A sufficient reserve has been accumulated in the muscles and during this period they gradually release it. Expect to lose weight, muscle and fat. It is not advisable to fast for a long time if you are too weak or too full.

You may be cold. I used to go all the time with thermal underwear and thick clothing. In addition, I visited a steam room 3 out of seven days, which made it very pleasant and warming.

As the days progressed, my thirst naturally subsided. I realized that through the urine the body was throwing away some of the vitamins and minerals that were useful to it. I decided that maybe he understood this and so he limited his water consumption - not to throw away anything unnecessary. By the end of the period I was drinking maybe about a liter and a half and a half a day, with normal intake of about 3 liters out of regime.

On the fourth day, I felt the need for a new colon cleansing. Paul Bragg is not a supporter of such external intervention, but Malakhov believes that fasting enemas are required to remove the toxins extracted from the body and prevent them from returning to the bloodstream again for the duration of the process. It may be a matter of choosing and reading the signals your body sends you personally.

Sometime after the fifth day, I felt the whole system of the stomach and intestines were in absolute peace and quiet and the body was working in a completely different mode - rejuvenating and restoring. It deals with completely different processes - those of cleaning, building and repairing all cells and tissues.

Feeding after fasting

On the seventh day, a huge wave of energy flooded me. This may have been due to the fact that the body felt the end of the regime. At 5:00 pm I drank 300 grams of fresh carrot juice. I drank it for about an hour. In very small sips. I wasn't hungry at all. In the evening, I may be hungry for a little while, but then nothing should be eaten.

On the eighth day I ate a cabbage salad, carrots and orange juice. I did it when I felt an appetite - around 11:00. For lunch, I was wondering exactly what to cook. Both Malakhov and Breg advise stewed vegetables. However, I did not like the idea of cooking. I thought a lot and finally decided to make myself a raw cream soup. However, I put only tomato, cucumber, onion, zucchini and some salt in it.

In the afternoon I ate the rest of the cabbage salad and carrots. The next morning I made a standard breakfast for me - fruit smoothie. For lunch - again raw cream amount. From the third day on, I also added fat to the menu - nuts and seeds.

I often add a spoonful of the "Golden Honey". With its fast and easy absorption by the body, it is extremely suitable for the feeding period. The high concentration of trace elements, vitamins and minerals ensures a rapid recovery of the tissues and muscles that need it during the feeding period. If you decide to feed directly with Golden Honey on the third day of feeding, you can dissolve it with 1/2 lemon juice in 50 g spring water.

The natural separation appeared at the end of the ninth day, about 36 hours after the first breakfast. It took a total of about 2-3 days to normalize all physiological processes in the body and return it to its standard mode of operation.

Weight loss

Weight loss is inevitable and tangible during fasting only on water. I am 72 kg and in 7 days I became 66.5 kg. However, the body regains weight pretty quickly and in 4-5 days I was again 72 kg. In any case, if you start losing lots of weight and approaching BMI 18, I advise you to stop starvation immediately.

It is important to note here that both Breg and Malakhov do not advise fasting in very weak or very full people, as this will put additional stress on their organisms. It is a good idea not to spend more than 3 days if your BMI is below 20 or over 26.

Positive effects of the 7 day fasting::

  • Significantly increased joint mobility (especially hip)
  • Cleaning of the respiratory ducts
  • Increased sense of smell (already after the procedure)
  • Increasing aerobic capacity is palpable
  • Increase energy available in aerobic exercise (running for example)
  • Total rejection of the body of any cooked food
  • Increasing personal vibration
  • Feeling of a deeper connection with nature, animals and other people

[1] Paul Breg: Healing Hunger

[2] Gennady Malakhov: Without purification there is no health


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