Виж сертификат

Inspired from an ancient Indian recipe. Well-known to Ayurveda as one of the most potent natural cures and most powerful immune boosters from centuries. Organic certified, 100% natural and whole ingredients.


Bee honey mixture with 100% organic and natural ingredients.

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Foundation Andonovo with UIC 177235161, is the owner of the domain and the website andonovo.com.Andonovo LTD, called also “Andonovo” is partner in the implementation of certain activities on the andonovo.com platform, including not only the trade and personal data protection activities of the website visitors. The performed business is entirely tuned with the non – profit educational sector and aims its support and development

Frequently asked questions

1. When will you receive your order?

First our operator will receive, review and approve your order. Then we will carefully prepare your wrapped jar and send by courier to the address or office you have specified. Depending on where the delivery address is, your order will be with you between 2 and 6 working days depending on your location... Unless there are any circumstances that hinder delivery on time-for example, snowstorm, hurricane, tornado, etc.

2. When and how will you pay the order?

Orders are paid through the website at the moment of your checkout from the online store.

3. Can you return/cancel the order?

YES! Of course - you have the right to cancel the order even before shipped. You have time to do that by 16:00 (GMT+2) on the day of your order, or the next day (if placed after that time). You also have the full legal right of return or decline within 14 days after receiving the order. If you really want to do this, there are two options:

A) at the time of receiving of the order, you decide to return it or cancel it. Just tell that to the courier and ask him to call us. The delivery is paid by the customer.

b) You have already received your order, you have come home, unpacked everything... and want to return the order. Everything is quite simple and easy - email us your request at contact@andonovo.com. Once our operator has contacted you, you will be asked for the following:

1. To return the goods to us in the form in which you received it - with all labels and no traces of use. The jar should not have been opened. The packaging must also not be in disturbed form. You must also apply the payment receipt (issued by the relevant courier) you have received! In the absence of a money transfer receipt, we cannot refund you.

2. Once we receive the goods at our warehouse you will be refunded on the amount for your order (less the shipping charge and less 1 EUR administrative bank fee for the refund).

In case of a dispute that cannot be resolved in conjunction with the selected online store, you can use the ODR site. All products on the page are subject to updates. The information on this page can be changed at any time and it is not obligatory to have the changes announced on the page.

And these are the most important things. If you would like to keep reading the boring version of the General terms and conditions, keep reading below.Общи условия за ползване на сайта ANDONOVO.COM


"SELLER" is "ANDONOVO" Ltd. through the online store andonovo.com. The seller is the person with whom the consumer enters into a distant sale contract for a specific good (item) in the online store.

"CONSUMER" (CUSTOMER) is a capable person who has agreed to the General Terms and Conditions of Andonovo in connection with the ordering and purchase of the goods offered through the online store.

"ONLINE STORE" is the andonovo.com website, which serves as a virtual platform for offering goods for sale and reaching an agreement between the SELLER and the CONSUMER to buy and sell a specific product.

Andonovo (Andonovo) is the trade company ANDONOVO EOOD, UIC: 203443750, with headquarters in Sofia, 1 Borovinka Str., which creates and maintains the online store, sells the goods and defines these General Terms and Conditions under which the goods are sold on the site andonovo.com. Andonovo Ltd. has full rights to unilaterally change the content of the Website and the ways of accessing it.

„ORDER” - this is an action that indicates a request made by a User to purchase one or more specific goods (products) through the andonovo.com online store. The order is executed only after confirmation by the administrator of the site andonovo.com by a phone call to the CUSTOMER / USER who made the purchase request.

"SALES AGREEMENT" - the contract for the sale of goods between Seller and Consumer concluded from a distance through this online store.

„COURIER” is a trader who physically delivers the purchased goods to an address specified by the User and works under the requirements of the Postal Services Act.

"BROCHURE / NOTIFICATION / NEWSLETTER" are electronic information messages related to goods sold in the online store over a period of time, which may be posted on the Website and may be sent by e-mail to a User.


2.1. Browsing the andonovo.com online store is completely free and accessible from anywhere in the world.

2.2. All texts, images and multimedia content on andonovo.com are the property of ANDONOVO Ltd.! It is forbidden to copy, transmit, distribute and store part or all of the content in any form without the prior written consent of ANDONOVO EOOD! Contacts -  contact@andonovo.com

2.2.1. There may be a discrepancy in the color range of the products shown in the pictures and the actual ones, depending on the screen of the device on which the User views them, for which the Merchant is not responsible.

2.3. No changes, reproduction, distribution, direct transfer, display, presentation, reproduction, publication, authorization or sale of information owned by "Andonovo" EOOD are permitted.

2.4. To shop from the online store andonovo.com, the following information is required: e-mail, name of the recipient, phone number and delivery address.

2.5. All prices quoted on the site are in BGN, VAT included.



To place an order to the online store, the User must specify:

3.1.1. valid email address;

3.1.2. correctly completed shipping and billing address;

3.1.3. correctly completed contact information - two names, phone number.

3.2. The order is activated, ie. Apply to the online store by clicking the "Order" button, which appears after at least one product has been selected first through the "Buy" button.

3.3. When an order is made, the User receives a confirmation of the order at the email address specified by him, stating the order number, date and time at which the order was placed.

3.4. In case the goods ordered (specific model) are not available, the administrator of the site andonovo.com shall notify the User. If the User does not agree to the order being attributed to another product (similar model), the order may be modified or canceled.

3.5. Orders in the andonovo.com e-shop are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by the site's system.

3.5.1. The opening hours of the administrators of the andonovo.com e-shop are Monday through Friday, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. Online product consultation can be done during store hours.

3.5.2. All orders placed by 15:30 are processed and shipped the same day.

3.5.3. Orders placed after 15:30 pm are usually processed the next business day.

3.6. Orders received without the correct data of the buyer (the User) or missing thereof are placed under the status "Pending" until the full data set for the User is received.

3.7. The user can refuse an order without having to state the reasons for the refusal.

3.8. Refusal can be made by phone or email (email) to the email specified on the site: contact@andonovo.com. In order for the cancellation to be valid, the User must provide: the two names with which he is registered on the site, his user name on the site andonovo.com, the price of the order, as well as the number of the placed order.

From this link you can download standard form for exercising your right to cancel online purchases.

In case of a dispute that cannot be resolved in conjunction with the selected online store, you may use the  ODR site. All products on this page are subject to update. The information on the page can be changed at any time, and the changes need not be announced on the page.


4.1. 4.1. After an order is received from andonovo.com from a User, the automated system of the online store notifies the User by email of the successfully accepted order.

4.2. Delivery is only made on site-confirmed orders.

4.3. Delivery of the ordered goods is not made on weekends and public holidays.

4.3.1. Ordinary delivery - within 2 (two) working days from the moment of order confirmation.

4.4. The online store ANDONOVO.COM uses the courier company Econt Express for deliveries, the usual delivery hours being from 9.00 to 18.00.

4.5. Delivery is made to the address specified by the User or to the office of the respective courier company.

4.6. The delivery price is automatically calculated by the system before the order is finalized. You do not need to be a registered user or complete the order to know the shipping cost.

4.7. If the User does not provide access and conditions for delivery of the goods to the specified address within the specified time, the Seller shall be released from the obligation to fulfill the ordered delivery.


5.1. Payment for the goods ordered can be made upon placing the order and finalizing the checkout form on the website. The payment is as follows:

5.1.1.  Payment through the virtual POS terminal provided on the website upon completing the checkout form.


6.1. The consumer is entitled to claim or return a product purchased from the online store within 14 working days of receipt of the goods.

In case of a dispute that cannot be resolved in conjunction with the selected online store, you may use  ODR site. All products on this page are subject to update. The information on the page may be changed at any time, and the changes need no announcements.

6.2. Cancellation of the contract may also be made to the courier upon delivery of the goods if the goods are delivered after the deadline for reasons beyond the Consumer and are not due to force majeure.

6.3. In case of cancellation of the contract, the User is obliged to return the purchased goods in a non-infringing commercial form and with a reserved label. The return of purchased goods is at the expense of the User.

6.4. Upon cancellation of the contract, if the User has paid for the goods, the sum for the purchased products, without delivery (if he has paid for them) and an administrative fee of 1EUR, shall be refunded to the card that he/she made the purchase with within 14 / fourteen / days of exercising the right of cancellation of the contract. Amounts will not be refunded until the Consumer returns the goods. If the goods are not returned within the period of 14 days, the cancellation of the contract shall not take effect.

6.5. Claims are made when the goods purchased do not comply with the agreement between the parties to the contract of sale. Disagreement in the agreement between the parties may be expressed in:

  • Defective goods;
  • Non-compliance with the declared trademark.

6.6. The claim could be brought to „Andonovo“ Ltd. via the specified email contact@andonovo.com, the online inquiry system on the website, and at the same time the customer should return the goods within 14 working days.

6.7. Return of goods under complaint in cases outside manufacturing defect or damage in transit is carried out under the following conditions:

  • Good commercial appearance (the goods are not torn, scratched, open, eaten).
  • No damage caused by improper use.
  • Original packaging and label retained.
  • Money order receipt provided by the courier upon receival of the shipment.

6.8. The return of the goods, either in case of cancellation of the contract or in the case of a claim, may be made in the manner and at the address indicated on the receipt of the goods with which the Customer has received the order.

6.9. In the case of exchange of goods, the transportation costs shall be borne by the User in both directions, unless the replacement was due to the fault of the electronic shop or the Seller. In case the customer wishes to replace or return the product, this can be done with the Econt Express courier company.

If there is no office of the courier company Econt Express in the settlement of the User, he must contact the Seller by phone for specifying the details of the return of the goods.


7.1. Andonovo Foundation with UIC: 177235161 is the owner and administrator of the andonovo.com website. Andonovo Ltd. is a partner in the implementation of certain activities of the "andonovo.com" platform, including, but not limited to, commercial


ANDONOVO Ltd. is registered as a data controller. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the user gives his / her explicit and unconditional consent, until his / her explicit written cancellation, that the personal data provided by him / her be collected, stored, processed and used by ANDONOVO Ltd. and authorized by him / her for the purposes of correct implementation. of the distance selling contract and the delivery of the goods ordered, for business analyzes in order to improve the services provided by the COMPANY, for marketing and advertising purposes and analyzes, for providing information for marketing campaigns, promotions and raffles, organized by ANDONOVO Ltd., sending of advertising e-mails, messages for direct marketing purposes, as well as for any other purposes permitted by law. The personal data that ANDONOVO EOOD compulsorily collects from its customers in connection with the processing and delivery of their orders is indicated in the registration form and in the Cart when ordering.

The provision of personal data is entirely voluntary on the part of the client and he may at any time obtain information about the use and processing of his personal data, as well as request his / her profile containing personal data to be deleted, send a written request to contact@andonovo.com

The information you provide for registration as well as any information provided while you work at Andonovo.com is confidential. ANDONOVO does NOT sell or distribute your personal information to third parties - including financial institutions and banks.

8.1. When a User registers in the e-shop by creating a Profile on the Website, he agrees to receive brochures and / or notices from Andonovo EOOD on his e-mail.

8.2. The user may opt out of receiving brochures and / or email notifications at any time:

8.3.1. By using the specially made Internet unsubscribe link contained in each brochure and / or notice.

8.3.2. By contacting Andonovo EOOD at the specified email contact@andonovo.com with an explicit request to refuse to receive brochures and / or notices.

8.4. If after refusing to receive brochures and / or notices, the User places an order, it is considered that he has again agreed to receive brochures and / or notices.

8.5. Andonovo EOOD reserves the right to choose to whom to send brochures and / or notices, as well as to remove from its database a User who has consented to receive brochures and / or notices


9.1. Each User can contact Andonovo EOOD to ask questions, make suggestions and receive information. In addition to the indicated email addresses, the connection can also be made to the telephone number listed on the site +359 898 131754.

9.2. Andonovo Foundation with UIC: 177235161 is the owner and administrator of the andonovo.com website.


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