Виж сертификат

Inspired from an ancient Indian recipe. Well-known to Ayurveda as one of the most potent natural cures and most powerful immune boosters from centuries. Organic certified, 100% natural and whole ingredients.


Bee honey mixture with 100% organic and natural ingredients.

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Виж сертификат

Inspired from an ancient Indian recipe. Well-known to Ayurveda as one of the most potent natural cures and most powerful immune boosters from centuries. Organic certified, 100% natural and whole ingredients.


Organic raw Bulgarian bee honey, turmeric, fresh ginger, coconut cream and black pepper




17622 ordered already. Get yours today!


The mission of the Public Benefit Foundation "Andonovo" with UIC 177235161 is to inform the public about the alternatives to the generally accepted methods and ways of feeding, purification and strengthening of the organism at each level-physical, mental and mental. The "Andonovo" Foundation was born from the combination of personal experience and efforts to find means to help in the way of a healthy lifestyle. For the purpose of financial independence, sustainability and viability, besides our educational activities, we produce a natural product in the face of "golden Honey". All proceeds from the economic activity of the foundation go to the development of non-economic education and aim for its support, including but not limited to creating new quality educational content and organizing events. Learn more about the foundation HERE


  • Reduces the risk of
    birth defects

    Research data shows how regular consumption of turmeric and ginger favorably affect the proper construction of the DNA chains and help shape the fetus in the mother's womb.

  • Strengthens the bones

    According to a study of the Journal of Agricultural Culture and Nutritional sciences at the American chemical community of 2010, regular consumption of turmeric reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

  • Helps weight-loss

    We all know that honey is a much more balanced choice over sugar, and here even the effect is enhanced due to reduced glycemic index, the effect of the additional ingredients in the recipe

  • Improves cardiovascular

    With its potent effect on regular consumption and turmeric and ginger, they contribute to the reduced risk of cardiovascular disease due to their strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.


  • Natural Bulgarian Honey

    Our Bee honey is polyfloral, from Polish grazing, originating in northwestern Bulgaria. You gain nurture with your own honey.

  • Turmeric

    Turmeric is a multi-grain herbaceous plant with a natural effect against diseases and emotional ailments. We use turmeric powder from India.

  • Fresh ginger

    Andonovo's Golden honey is distinguished by its content of all-fresh ginger originating in Peru. The roots of the plant have been used for treatment since antiquity.

  • Coconut cream

    The coconut helps the haircare, skincare and is used as stress relief, maintains the level of cholesterol. Our coconut cream is from the core of Sri Lankan coconuts.

  • Black pepper

    Black pepper (Piper nigrum) is a plant of the Piperaceae family (Piperaceae) whose fruits are used are rich in vitamin C.



    Each ingredient part of the Golden Honey Andonovo recipe is there for a reason. The ratio is as important as the composition. It is the fine balance of the recipe that allows the high bioavailability and maximum digestibility of all useful substances.

  • energy BOOSTER

    It is absorbed quickly by the body because of the almost equal ratio of glucose and fructose. In fact, it even feeds your tissues and muscles at the same time. An ideal choice for nurturing after an intense workout or sport.

  • BoDY's Elixir

    Strengthens the immune system in colds, flu, and other temporary ailments. Improves digestion. Calms the throat. Extremely rich in antioxidants.

Validationby experts

The best remedy...

The product impresses with its highly warming effect on the throat, lungs and respiratory tract. According to observations, as well as from personal experience, Golden Honey favorably influences the first cold symptoms.


D-r J. Stavrev

Medical center 16

A natural cure for everything…

The natural ingredients of the product fully strengthen the immune system and make it stronger against acute viral and respiratory infections. Easy absorption and good balance between the elements make the product easily applicable to any household.


I. Dimitrova

Holistic therapist by the method of the quantum touch

One really great start of the day…

The fact is that I would never recommend something that I myself do not consume. Golden honey is on my daily menu. And I'm extremely pleased with the result. According to Ayurveda, it is good to start the day with a glass of warm water and ginger, or a glass of hot water and honey. With Gold Honey I found the optimal variant since it also contains ginger, turmeric and black pepper. A really great start to the day. A glass of warm water and a spoonful of "Golden Honey" - a real energy bomb! So, I highly recommend this Bulgarian product and I am glad that I can enjoy it. Thanks!


N. Pencheva

Energy and Hollistic therapist

Who coulduse it

Our Golden Honey is just for you!

  • For the loved one

    Show how much you care for the one you love, by giving love, enclosed in a jar!

  • For your friends

    Share the Share the thick and rich taste, enlight the ones you barely know and the ones you really know and share the joy of the golden remedy with them!

  • For the awaken ones

    In the path of knowledge, your body needs foods that awakes consciousness and foods that nourishes your soul directly. Take care of it!

  • For the active ones

    Give your body the best it deserves! Give it health as a present and it will pay you back one hundred times!

  • For you

    Give your body the best it deserves! Give it health as a present and it will pay you back one hundred times!

  • For the children

    Take care of the health of your children, without compromising on their nourishment!


  • Great Products

    I received my order on Monday and already tried the honey and vinegar. You have made great products, they are wonderful. I like them a lot. I am writing to thank you and congratulate you on the exquisite taste and sense you have. I wish you good luck and love, and I hope my honey not to be eaten and I can order again soon. Greetings from me and have a nice day!

    Maria Stundzheva

  • Unique!

    I want to use this post to thank you! Your product is great, we are always loaded with it, for sure, with at least 5 jars. It is unique! It has an incredible effect, especially when it is started at the very beginning of flu, cold or malaise. Even when I'm overburdened or in pain, I take a spoonful and by half an hour I feel better.

    Valentina Novakova

  • The cold missed me

    Hello! When I got my honey, I was just starting to get sick. I started intake according to the intrusions and I really got better right away :). The taste is quite pleasant. Not hot, but slightly warm. Now I take one teaspoon 3 times a day to boost my immunity.

    Nina Shuman

  • Extremely delicious

    The honey in this combination is both extremely tasty and very useful. I take 1 teaspoon a day and feel great, and for now I avoid the flu that is passing.


  • Suitable for children!

    Hello! I write reviews about the product - we really liked it both, me and my kid. The coconut cream softens the spicy ingredients and makes them suitable for children. In addition to the immunostimulant, I also think about using it for spring liver cleansing, because coriander honey, turmeric and pepper help. Thanks!


  • Magical Honey!

    Zayed had a very sore throat and tonsils, for two days I gave him the golden honey often. On the third day he woke up without a cough and much better. I was already thinking of taking him to the doctor, but thank goodness the infection was reduced!



  • First day
    Intensive therapy

     ½ tsp. every hour

  • Second day
    Enhansed therapy

    ½ tsp. every 2 hours

  • Third day
    Body strengthening

    1 tsp. , 3 times a day

The Golden Honey could be consumed on it's own, as well could be added to:

  • Breakfasts

  • Fresh drinks

  • Teas

  • Smoothies

If you are still not convinced:

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