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How often and what kind of detox should we do?

20 минути за четене

20 минути за четене

How often and what kind of detox should we do?

Природна детоксикация

There are hundreds of methods of detoxification and various body cleansing in the online space. The thing is, they all look a little chaotic and one can easily get lost in the dozens of methods. More importantly, you should choose a holistic and comprehensive approach to regular detoxification.

The medical community is beginning to recognize the link between increased toxicity and a number of diseases. Many studies have described a general deterioration in health as well as specific diseases that develop in the body at increasing levels of toxins.

In the absence of toxins, the body effectively deals with the detoxification and release of free radicals, but the increasing amounts of toxic substances that we inhale, ingest and absorb every day require that more resources of the organism be included in the process, which seriously impedes the optimal functioning of the body. This is why detoxification must become a way of life.

Nowadays, metals attack us from anywhere, from aluminum in deodorants to mercury in dental fillings. Industrialization and its waste products are becoming more widespread, leading to an increased amount of these heavy metals (as well as others such as arsenic, cadmium and lead). We can take steps to avoid contact with these substances as much as possible, but we will still be exposed to them at certain times. Even small amounts of heavy metals in the body can cause side effects such as fatigue, headache, digestive problems and skin conditions, so it is important to use natural methods to cleanse our bodies of these toxins. Our organisms are full and literally clogged with toxins and debris, and in most cases they are not self-purifying, so they accumulate in our bodies.

Toxicity in the body is known to significantly limit immunity and is even linked to autoimmune diseases. Dr. Mark Hyman, a well-known practitioner of Functional Medicine, says, "The truth is that toxins may be the single most important cause of autoimmune diseases."

With all this in mind, here are some natural and native ways to boost your immune system and not get the flu this winter.

Natural methods for detoxifying and boosting the immune system

Зелен сок и течен зеолитGreen juice and zeolite

The fastest, safest, and most effective way to eliminate the most harmful toxins is the combination of pure liquid zeolite and green vegetable juice, which is able to cope with the greatest variety of harmful substances. The combination eliminates heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum, radioactive particles such as strontium-90 and cesium-137, as well as other unwanted toxic substances, including pesticides, herbicides, mimetic (irritant) hormones, dioxins, nitrosamines and nitrosamines organic compounds. Unlike other forms of chelates, liquid zeolite absorbs and neutralizes heavy metals and toxins in the body so that they cannot cause damage as they leave the body.

In a pilot study by holistic physician Dr. Gabriel Cowens, 55 people were tested for toxins. Initially, each of them identified over 800 different types of toxins, including mercury, lead, aluminum and depleted uranium. For one week, participants followed a detox program that included a diet with green juice and a maximum dose of NCD2 pure liquid zeolite. During the same period, tests showed that, on average, 88% of the toxins were removed from the participants' bodies. Those who continue to use the program for another week achieve remarkable 100% eliminated toxins from the body.

If you do not want to diet with juices, add one green zeolite drink to your daily menu.

Get moving!

We all know that exercise is especially important for a good immune system, but why is it? In addition to the obvious fact that when we exercise, we sweat and throw out a lot of toxins through sweat, the exercises strengthen the lymphatic system. As part of the cardiovascular system, lymphomas play an important role in immunity. The lymphatic system creates immune cells and thus "protects the body from disease by triggering immune responses."

Your body has more lymph than blood, and the best way to get it to move around the body is by moving yourself. The more you move, the more you stimulate the lymphatic system, limit the accumulated toxins and maintain your natural immunity. It's simple.

Disposal of metals with spirulina and chlorella

The answer to natural purification from heavy metals is as simple as a single-celled organism. Spirulina and chlorella are two types of micro algae that have existed since the world glowed. Both species are powerful superfoods in many societies, and today they are used more than ever to improve health and overall well-being.

Spirulina is an effective chelating agent for the elimination of toxins, such as mercury, and of radioactive substances. It is also used to eliminate cadmium and lead from wastewater.

Some detoxifying nutritional supplements simply release toxins from cells and tissues, but chlorella cleverly binds to toxic metals and removes them from the entire system. Chlorella contains proteins and peptides that bind to these harmful substances and remove them from the body. Chlorophyll in chlorella also aids in the removal of heavy metals.

In addition to their important ability to expel heavy metals from the body, spirulina and chlorella have powerful healing and regenerative properties. They contain useful vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats that work together to provide the body with energy and vitality.

Вредни храниFoods to avoid to keep your body clean


Avoid sugar and artificial sweeteners. Excessive sugar consumption has been linked to a number of health problems, ranging from hypoglycemia and high blood pressure to acne, diabetes and depression. Sugar also stimulates the development of fungal infections and stimulates excessive appetite, which are two of the symptoms of high levels of toxicity in the body. Replace sugar with natural sweeteners such as stevia and honey.

Gluten / wheat

Avoid wheat and cereal products that contain gluten. Gluten reduces the absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract and stimulates the accumulation of toxins. Studies show that wheat impairs endocrine function and is associated with diabetes and obesity, and even depression and schizophrenia.

Gluten is also found in pasta, bread, crackers, cereals and cereals such as wheat, oats, rye, spelled, komut, bulgur, couscous and barley. Replace them with gluten-free cereal foods such as brown rice, wild rice, millet, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat and chia.

Dairy products

Products made from cow's milk contribute to mucus formation and toxin retention. There is a high concentration of lactase in the bodies of newborns, a chemical that is required for the intestinal uptake of lactose, but it is lacking in the elderly. Today, dairy products also contain hormones, pesticides and herbicides. Dairy products include milk, cheese and cheese, yogurt and ice cream. Replace with coconut milk or seed milk, kosher yogurt or organic goat cheese.

Alcohol and caffeine

Alcoholic beverages and those with caffeine content are toxic to the body. Coffee, tea and carbonated beverages fall into this category. Alcohol and caffeine, as well as the sugars commonly found in them, bind toxins and aid their absorption by the body.

Fried food

Avoid fried foods, hydrogenated oils, margarines, etc. The melting point of hydrogenated fat is 42 ° C and the normal body temperature is 37.5 ° C. This means that these fats can only be expelled from the body at high temperature and fever, which puts the body under intense strain. Undigested fat blocks the arteries and causes toxins to build up in the body.

Replace harmful fats with coconut oil and avocado oil. They can be cooked at high temperatures without fouling and contain nutrients that are useful to the brain.

Processed foods

Avoid eating processed, packaged and genetically modified foods. They often contain chemicals, iodized salt, harmful fats and sugars, and in the case of GMOs, dangerous Bacillus thuringiensis toxins. Instead, eat organic foods and cook your own meals to know what foods you use and what you eat.

Детоксикация: ползиOther health benefits of detoxification:

Improved liver function

Detoxification improves liver function, which may be helpful in regulating cholesterol levels - a key factor associated with heart attacks, strokes and premature death..

Improved digestion

If body cleansing becomes a way of life, it will improve the digestive function of the body by removing waste products, parasitic infections and accumulated contaminants from the digestive tract. This allows for normal digestion and digestion of nutrients. Cleansing your digestive tract can make you relish the taste of healthy and environmentally friendly foods, as well as curb your frantic appetite.

Restriction of inflammation

Detoxification of the body limits inflammation of the muscles and joints by removing the toxic pockets in these areas and limiting the body's defense response (which is usually the main cause of inflammation).

Hormonal balance

Purification throws away from the body the chemicals used in animal husbandry and agriculture that are digested by "enhanced" foods contaminated with fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, insecticides, antibiotics and growth hormones. In this way, detoxification helps the body to balance hormones naturally.

Better mood

When toxins circulate throughout the body, they inevitably reach the brain and central nervous system. They affect your mood, your sleep, your cognitive function and your ability to concentrate. Increased toxicity increases stress, anxiety, lethargy and even depression. Discarding toxins can improve your mood and overall well-being.

Limited skin aging

When the body is full of toxins, it tries to dispose of them through the skin, which is a major component of the excretory system. Toxicity can cause premature aging, bad tan, pimples and spots. Limiting toxins in your body can make your skin look significantly younger.

Detoxication is a way of life

The human body is designed to constantly accumulate and eliminate toxins from its cells and organs. Ideally, body detoxification should be more than any other cleansing diet. It has to become a way of life. This is especially important given the unprecedented levels of toxicity we are exposed to on a daily basis.

Домашен детокс кремAvoid cosmetics, body lotions and skin care products that contain chemical ingredients. Or why not try it yourself with homemade recipes? You can try to prepare this one easy homemade detox cream.

In order to keep your body clean, it is also important to limit your exposure to chemical toxins. They are found in many foods, water sources and cosmetics, as well as air in our city. All the exhaust fumes from cars contribute to raising the levels of harmful toxins in our bodies. That is why we need to turn detox into a lifestyle and incorporate it into our daily habits.



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