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Inspired from an ancient Indian recipe. Well-known to Ayurveda as one of the most potent natural cures and most powerful immune boosters from centuries. Organic certified, 100% natural and whole ingredients.


Bee honey mixture with 100% organic and natural ingredients.

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Semi-Raw chickpeas crackers

60 мин.

60 мин.


60 мин.

Cooking Time





  1. Wash the chickpeas under running water and put it for 35 minutes to be steamed. During this time, prepare the remaining products.

  2. First put the carrots, onions and parsley in the robot and chop them.

  3. Afterwards add all other ingredients without the chickpeas and olive oil. Start adding gradually, and depending on how drained it may be, you may need to add some water to blend the mixture well.

  4. Gradually add all the chickpeas, olive oil and if necessary water. This is how the mixture should look.

    Крекери от нахут
  5. Pour the mixture onto baking paper. Here is the desired consistency. Even rarer is no problem. It will just take longer to dry.

    Крекери от нахут - смес
  6. Spread well with a spatula, sprinkle with poppy seeds and shape the crackers with a knife. You can go with the smooth part of a wet spoon to squeeze the poppy and not fall into the pan by turning the crackers.

    Крекери от нахут - подготовка
  7. Put in the oven at 45 C˚. After 10-12 hours, turn over the crackers and allow them to dry well for another 4-5 hours to maximize their durability.

    Фурна 50C


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